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Music Composer and Producer
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THE MASON BROTHERS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Music Composed, arranged and performed by Federico Vaona
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Aguarecords® Studios
Available on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon and more.


Directed by Award Winner Director and Producer KEITH SUTLIFF



Keith Sutliff- Ren Mason,
Brandon Pearson- Jesse Mason,
Michael Whelan- Orion Mason,
Matthew Webb- Gage,
Julien Cesario- Fredrick
Gregory Gordon- Diego
Pele Kizy- Cyrus
Erica Souza- Violet
Alexandria Rousset- Helen
Nazo Bravo- Adrian
Steve Bethers- Lance


A skilled group of brothers and bank robbers plan a bank heist for ten million dollars at a local bank in downtown Los Angeles. A normal bank job is done in just under three minutes. While at the bank the brothers encounter the most unexpected set up resulting in the death of one of the brothers. The leader and oldest of the brothers, Ren Mason (Keith Sutliff), hires a bounty hunter, Jerry (Tim Park), to investigate and find out who set them up at the bank resulting in interrogations, shootouts, and betrayal. The path leads the brothers to the source behind the mayhem.

The brothers consist of Ren Mason (Keith Sutliff), Jesse Mason (Brandon Pearson), and Orion Mason (Michael Whelan). Gage (Matthew Webb) is the fourth part of the group working with the brothers.

Another notable character includes “Fredrick” (Julien Cesario). An organized crime boss in LA who works alongside the brothers and a wealthy shot caller.

THE MASON BROTHERS also stars Gregory Gordon (Diego), Pele Kizy (Cyrus), Steve Bethers (Lance), Nazo Bravo (Adrian), Erica Souza (Violet), Alexandria Rousset (Helen), and David Trevino (Tony).


Written and directed by Keith Sutliff
Director Of Photography: Errol Webber
Music and Sound Designer: Federico Vaona
Edited by: Gio Arias
Sound recording: Phillip Jackson

Colorist: Federico Vaona

The film is produced by Keith Sutliff and KS PICTURES LLC.
Executive producers include David Trevino, Chad Zapfe and Federico Vaona.

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