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Federico Vaona was born in Italy in the city of Milan on October 30th, 1973.
He started playing the piano at the age of 6.
His father, renowned composer Danilo Vaona, mentored and trained him from an early age. Their first professional collaboration was at the age of 14
While working and training with his father, he studied piano at the distinguished Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, and graduated in Industrial Electronics, and still continues to further his education in Psicology.

In 1990 he began work in the television world as a keyboardist and programmer, with the show "Fiesta Mediterranea" hosted by the extremely popular Raffaella Carrá. He composed and arranged songs for the albums featuring Daniela Romo, David Santisteban, Ramon Garcia and Ana Obregon.
In 1997 with Europroducciones Group he collaborated and directed the music for the most popular television programs in Spain, such as: "Dia a Dia with Maria Teresa Campos", "De Domingo a Domingo", "Espejo Secreto", "Peque Prix", "Todo en Familia", "Grand Prix", "Flash" and many others on the top Spanish networks TVE1, Antena 3 and Tele5.

In 2000 he composed the soundtrack for "Un Vuelco En El Corazon", a Spanish short film that won the 1st Ford Premium in Madrid.

He composed the main song for the syndicated Spanish series "El Secreto" on the TVE1 network.
This song is his first discography production and the first single from the Mexican singer Eduardo Capetillo's album.
In the following years he was the musical director for the TV program "Dia a Dia con Maria Teresa Campos" on Tele5, at the same time writing the music for the specials "11S", "11M" and "La Boda del Principe", national big event about the marriage of the Spanish Prince Felipe de Borbon. He also took part in making the music for the series "Luna Negra" on TVE1.

In 2004 he moved on to work for Antena 3 on the TV programs "Mirando al Mar" with Cristina Tarrega and "Cada Dia" with Maria Teresa Campos.
In 2005 while directing the music for "Cada Dia" program, he composed the music for the specials "Contigo Gala Intervida" with Raffaella Carrá, "Homenaje a las Victimas del 11M" and the specials about the Spanish Princess Letizia Ortiz and the birth of her daughter Leonor.
At the same time he composed tracks for a special called "Social Club" for the series "Obsesion" on TVE1.

With Danilo Vaona he collaborated on the music for the TV programs "Los Imposibles" on TeleMadrid, "Nit d'Exits" on Palma de Mallorca IB3, "Ding Dong" and "El Compromiso".

From January 2006 he participated in the music for the digital channels FLY MUSIC and NET TV in Spain.
He continued on Antena 3 with the new TV show "Lo que InTeresa" hosted by Maria Teresa Campos.
From April 2006 he worked for the program "Veredicto Final", "Guinness World Records 2006" on Antena 3 and "La Parada" on TeleMadrid.
In June of 2006 he composed the music for the TV special "Adios Rocio" on Antena 3, a tribute to the famous Spanish singer Rocio Jurado.

In March of 2007 he internationally released his album MYSTICO, a project that mixes Gregorian Chants, Piano, Opera Chants and Electronic Rythms.
He creates his own independent label AGUARECORDS to release his album.
Within 10 days of its release, MYSTICO becomes the most wildely sold Spanish electronic album on iTunes.
On September 2nd 2007 MYSTICO hits Number 1 on Top Electronic Albums for iTunes Spain.

The following year he composed the music for the series "C.L.A. No Somos Angeles" on Antena 3.
In 2008 he collaborated on the Spanish programs "Grand Prix 2008, Que Apostamos, Scommettiamo Che..., Lo Show Dei Records 2008, Locos x Madrid, Codi Genetic, El Dia es Nuestro, Gana Tu Suerte" and the Italian shows "FANTASIA" and "GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS" hosted by Barbara d’Urso for MediaSet Group.

He composed the soundtrack for the documentary ISLANDA SOLO 2008.

In 2009 he worked on the music for the programs "LO SHOW DEI RECORD 2009" on Mediaset, "EL SHOW DE LOS RECORDS 2009" on Tele5 and "GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2009" for Greece and Poland.
In the same year he recorded the music and sound effects for the programs "GRAND PRIX España" and "TGV" for Portugal, along with "El Dia Es Nuestro" and "Gana Tu Suerte".

In september 2009 he directed with Danilo Vaona all the music for the talent show "UN BESO Y UNA FLOR" on Canal 9 hosted by Bertin Osborne, where he recorded and mixed live more than 200 live songs.
While recording "Un Beso y Una Flor" he composed with Danilo Vaona the music for the game show "LA STANGATA" hosted by Gerry Scotti on Canale 5 Italy (MediaSet Group)

In 2010 he created the music for "GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2010 Edition" - MediaSet Italy, "GENERACION DE ESTRELLAS" (more than 150 songs) for the FORTA GROUP - Spain, "EN BOCA DE TODOS" hosted by Maria Teresa Campos, "LA LUPA DE LA ACTUALIDAD" and "NOCHE 10" hosted by Angel Esposito and "CURRY Y COMPANIA" hosted by Curry Valenzuela on the new digital channel "LA 10".

In september 2010 he again directed the music for the program "UN BESO Y UNA FLOR" (more than 400 songs) on Castilla La Mancha Television hosted by Anne Igartiburu and for the program "CERCA DE TI" presented by Teresa Viejo.

In 2011 and 2012 he created the music for "GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS" (2011 and 2012 Editions) on MediaSet Italy.

In 2012 he worked for Allport Productions Enterprises as Music Consultant for 57th Annual Young Musician Foundation, Directed by Christopher Allport and featuring John Williams

He composed “The Miracle Of Love”, theme from “I Want You To Be My Baby - The Lillian Briggs Story”, script from Always Another Way Productions Written and Produced by Lee Schiller.

From 20 June 2013 he is elected to be the President of Territorial Counsellors in SGAE - Spain.

His work of 2014 includes new themes released on iTunes Worldwide: "Yasmine Theme", and "The Miracle Of Love", the TV Talent show "FORTE FORTE FORTE" in Italy with Danilo Vaona and Raffaella Carrá.
In 2015 as Music and Sound Supervisor for the 60th Young Musician Foundation Gala Concert featuring Randy Newman, Michael Giacchino and John Williams, directed by Christopher Allport.

In the same year Federico collaborates in the upcoming "PROJECT RED CARD" Film/Tv Serie, directed by Fredrick Keith Reshew and produced by Maria Vascsak (IMA Content Agency), by composing the music and sound design.

In 2016 he starts a new creative collaboration with KS PICTURES in Los Angeles composing the music and sound design for "WEST 32nd STREET" Short Film, directed by Award Winner Keith Sutliff.
Recent work include "THE MASON BROTHERS" (2016-2017) feature Film, written and directed by Keith Sutliff - KS PICTURES and "PROMISED LAND" (2017), written and directed by David Trevino - 3RES VINOS PICTURES

On September 23th 2017 Federico wins the HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS as “BEST MUSIC” for the feature film “THE MASON BROTHERS”.

From 2019 he compose and produce again with KS Pictures the new soundtrack for the movie "The Refuge"
And in 2020 he releases 3 new singles: "PIANO MOON", "MOUNTAINS" and "FLOATING DREAMS".

His last collaborations in TV shows are "PASAPALABRA" and "EL TIRON" for Mediaset Group hosted by Christian Galvez, "QUEN ANDA AÍ" for TVG Galicia and "DUEL DE VEUS" for APUNT TV Valencia.
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